The Last Jedi

2018/07/04 reviews

It's a heat-wave evening, and failing to come up with any better ideas, we settled—for a change—on what Netflix was pushing on us: the controversial newest main-saga Star Wars movie.


There's also some nice symmetry in that the last movie cribbed a lot from the originals, down to the hail-mary resolution and reminiscent plot devices, whereas this one has everything going wrong and having to be rejigged anew (symbolized both in the bold plan being a huge failure favoring strategy borne out of wisdom, and the big bad swordfight at the end being ethereal).

Pleasant surprise. A fun movie with pertinent political messaging, cool plot twists and visuals. Tone down the dumb humor and silly slapstick and I basically have no complaints. It maybe falls short of what it aims for but it is not completely uninspired by any means.