OSX Tips

2017/06/20 code unix

I enjoy using tools made for specific purposes a lot. In Linux it is a bit easier to procure such specialized executables, but in OSX acquiring some basic applications like ImageMagick (for convert) turns into a painful affair via brew. So, I've taken to reutilizing exisiting system utilities wherever possible. Here are some useful tools I've found.

Firefox Favicon Refresh


A minor annoyance when trying out various different icons for a webpage.

  1. Go to your Firefox profile directory
  2. Open up the "places" database with sqlite
  3. Run query
  4. Restart browser

In code:

Thumbnail Generation

Say you have, for example, a folder full of full-size images. You need thumbnails to present to the user (maybe showing the full-size version on click-through). The sips program takes care of it in a cinch.


I usually draw icons in SVG, but some applications absolutely require PNG forms. OSX comes with a built-in utility to generate thumbnails that can be used to this end, so long as you don't care about transparency (it turns transparent areas white).