Countering Propaganda about the Gaza Massacre

2018/05/18 writing

— AD (2018-05-17T01:06:00)

Good article, sad situation :\(

13 Inconvenient Truths About What Has Been Happening in Gaza – Tablet Magazine


— HD (2018-05-18T09:36:00)

It is correct to point out that when the reportage is uncertain, it's better to stick to facts.

Which is why it's strange that the article doesn't once mention the indisputable fact that is driving outrage and Israeli condemnation world-wide: the death/injury toll stands at 50+/1000+ Palestinians vs. 0/0 Israelis. You can't massage the facts enough to make that go away.

Tabletmag is an explicitly pro-Israel publication, and is trying here to pass itself as a neutral even-handed resource by taking a few light jabs against the pro-Israel narrative while throwing a bunch of right hard hooks against the anti-massacre side.

For example, At 10) it devotes more time and sources discussing the misleading claims that an 8-month-old baby died than at 12) discussing how the US is the only nation to block independent UN inquiry into Israel. (

At 5) the article says "many" protesters were unarmed, obviating the fact that the vast majority were unarmed (and the fact that when one side has tanks and snipers to call rocks weapons is ludicrous). You could forgive such disingenuous equivocating language, but then it goes on to ensure that the reader comes off with the impression that they are manipulated by Hamas, via 6) and 9), restating the propaganda point that protestors are effectively nothing but weapons of the militants.

So, a mild statement that explains why what is reported is not so, and two statements to make sure that the reader comes off believing it regardless. Brilliant propaganda.

The propaganda Israel engages in, such as trying extremely hard to smear the journalist it murdered as Hamas-linked, also not brought up (

Frankly, to come off believing you just understood "both sides are bad" after reading this tripe is self-indulgent intellectual laziness.

The fact is that outwards-facing Israeli propaganda for years now is focused on two big planks: "both sides are bad" and "you're an antisemite if you criticize Israel". The last one is starting to lose its edge seeing as its been blatantly thrown around disingenuously, used to smear even jewish scholars such as Norman Finkelsten and Noam Chomsky, or associations such as Jewdas. However, it's perhaps weakened even more by the fact that Netanyahu has cozied up to plenty of anti-semites as part of the expansionist project (

), and engaged in Hitler-minimizing anti-semitic propaganda himself ( So the efforts to make the "both sides" narrative stick have been redoubled.

The reality here is that the "sides" on this conflict aren't "pro-jewish" vs. "anti-jewish", they are "pro-ethnostate" vs. "anti-ethnostate". Which is why you find the same people who condemn white supremacy in America condemning the brutality Israel commits for the sake of maintaining an explicitly jewish state, and why literal proven white-supremacist anti-semite evangelist preachers are called friends of Israel and invited to speak there (

It's also why people keep prattling on about a "two state solution", never giving due spotlight to the real solution of simply ending apartheid and letting Palestinians and Israelis live together. The explanation given why this is impossible would sound farcical if it came from the mouth of an american Trumper who wants to preserve the white character of America, but is given a pass if the explicitly racist faction is instead jewish (although...

So yeah, regarding the Gaza Massacre, it's all very sad, but it's not complex. You and your friends up here say variations of "Israel was just not allowed to win a war because everyone is racist". If you want to compare Israel's treatment of Palestinians to America's treatment of Native-Americans, be my guest. I think it puts in evidence plainly what is going on.

For anyone interested, there's been good correctives to pieces like this one: