Who do you read?

2017/12/14 lists

Sometimes people ask me what to read or look into. Some people come to mind. These are their stories.

People's Policy Project

A research project fashioned in the style of a "think tank" but taking no money from big sources. Pretty damn cool. Matt Bruenig is brilliant, and very involved.

Citations Needed

Citations Needed is the only podcast I actually like. It's about politics, media, language, and history. Basically they examine modern propaganda with fantastic guests.

Gary Bernhardt

This guy hosts a ton of my favorite programming talks. He's like a smarter Bret Victor, very concerned with ruts we get into in the everyday practice of programming but less navel-gazing.


Eevee writes great politics and programming stuff.


Steve Randy Waldman is honestly kinda dumb, but occasionally his principles shine through and his schmaltzy platitudes become biting assessments. He's also earnest, which is always commendable.

Stephen Bond

It's hard to really explain how influential this guy's note collection was for me. I occasionally re-read an old essay and wonder how much I've become like this author, and whether I'll end up the same way.